European Translator Shortage in Refugee Crisis
The refugee crisis that is currently engulfing Europe is one of the most challenging issues the world is facing. Governments, aid agencies and volunteers [...]
translation keyboard
Translation Agencies are Turning to Machines to Keep Up
The professional translation industry is heavily customer-centric, there is a huge variety of market niches catered to across all fields, and the range of [...]
Understanding the Importance of Localization
Localization is a commonly used term within the translation services industry, however it’s exact interpretation is sometimes misconstrued as it involves [...]
The Challenges in Translating Literature
Translators are often challenged in their line of work with content that requires specific knowledge of an industry or the culture surrounding a target [...]
What is translation
What is Translation?
Translation is the process of communicating the meaning of text from a source language to a target language. The importance of effective translation is [...]