Gengo Online Translation | A Detailed Review

July 10, 2015 - Reviews
Gengo Online Translation | A Detailed Review
Gengo Online Translation | A Detailed Review
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Gengo is a Japanese online translation company that utilizes a unique mixture of technology and human translation techniques. Their crowdsourcing model links customer orders to available translators and all stages of order fulfillment are processed in their system. Customers can download Gengo software to submit orders or use the website, while larger organizations can be catered to through more advanced API integration for ongoing work. The company has offices in two countries and employs 14,000 translators, making them one of the larger online translation enterprises.

Gengo Specializations

Gengo can accommodate translation orders of all sizes, however their business model is geared towards larger ongoing corporate relationships. The business divides their translation services across 4 areas; ‘Travel’ and ‘eCommerce’ are their front line areas, while they also cater to ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Everyone’. One thing is immediately clear: Gengo’s business model does not cater to as many industry sectors as some of their competitors. What they do have is a clear strength in the travel sector, with expertise in travel listings, online user reviews and location guides. Their eCommerce division targets online retailers with translation services that enable their clients to target international customers. 

Their Enterprise offering is essentially API integration. Corporations using the API solution can enjoy a more seamless and uninterrupted way of translating content for everyday uses, without placing manual orders through an external system. 

The Everyone or ‘everyone else’ category is Gengo’s definition of the small business and general translation space. The do not market themselves heavily to this sector and it’s clear that their preference is for larger corporate clients. Although customers can order through their website, it’s not as user friendly for the typical ad hoc customer and their site is more geared towards API customer acquisition.

Gengo’s Translators

Gengo doesn’t require industry certifications from its translators, however they do employ a thorough proprietary testing system. Ongoing spot checks, peer review and customer reviews provide additional layers of quality control for their translators. Customers can resubmit their work for repeat translation if they are not satfisfied or reject the work altogether.

Methods + Pricing

Gengo market its service as a mixture of machine and human translation, however a closer inspection reveals that what they offer is simply human translation. They have an impressive system which can distribute an order to thousands of translators very efficiently, however the work is all human and not machine translated. Their technology offering does add a level of sophistication and, in particular, their API solution is ideal for companies looking to streamline their day to day translation requirements. Their focus isn’t to openly target small to medium businesses, however they can meet the needs of these clients. They charge a flat rate of $0.06 per word for orders through their website, and this is a competitive rate when compared to their nearest competitors.


Gengo have a slick offering and how they market their technology capabilities is a big part of their identity. Their technology definitely allows them to distribute work quickly to their translators, however this is not unique in the industry. Their API integration is a standout feature that they can rest their hat on, while they are also proven experts in travel. Gengo is a big company that is well resourced and worth considering for your next corporate translation project.

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I like the fact that while you are geared towards translation services for businesses you are willing to accomodate.

Mohammed Mazurowski

As a speaker, business leader or marketer of any type, the onus is now on each of us to become equally capable of communicating very personally with a seemingly endless number of people connected by social technologies. Simon Mainwaring

Candice V

Even though it doesn’t require you to have an actual certification, I believe that the testing system they do require is enough to have a quality translator.


The fact that Gengo doesn’t require industry certification from translators and the machine translation does worry me a bit, but considering that there are various review methods in place hopefully it’s not worth worrying about.


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